Aerial 2D & 3D services

We can help you out with highly detailed aerial photos (max. 5464 x 3640 pixels) or videos in 4K UHD quality.
We can even provide an elevation map and 3D view of specific areas, as well as 360 degree or panoramic photos.

We use DJI as manufacturer for our drones.

Aerial services are charged with a minimum of 30 minutes / 1 flight.

Skyview Bonaire - aerial 2D & 3D services -photo example Kralendijk

View over the center of Bonaire, Kralendijk.

A 4K video of the construction of a soccer field, Tera Cora area.

Aerial mapping services

Are you looking for the perfect aerial picture? A picture with almost no perspective distortion and high resolution?
Consider aerial mapping (Orthophoto).



The process of aerial mapping is to fly a specific pattern over a stretch.
On set interval, the drone will make a picture and record the GPS location.


A stretch of 100 x 50 meter takes about 30 pictures.

Later on, the pictures are stitched with advanced aerial services software.
The result is a high resolution picture with a resolution up to 20.000 pixels width.


We can map specific areas using nadir (90 degrees down) as well as oblique (angled) to deliver you the data you need.

Skyview Bonaire - aerial 2D & 3D services -aerial mapping example

Elevation levels

Making a aerial map has a second advantage;  You will be able to see the elevation levels.
It is displayed in color differences, as well as values when hovering with a mouse.

Skyview Bonaire - aerial 2D & 3D services -elevation example

The differences in elevation levels are presented in colors, as well as numbers.

On the map above (Abraham Boulevard) you can see the differences
in elevation levels by just moving your mouse.
You can also choose to see the levels in color.

Orthophoto / 3D model

Another advantage of aerial mapping is the possibility to make a 3D model of the mapped area.
The following outputs are available:


Highres JPG Orthophoto


3D Google Earth (KMZ) 
Point Cloud (LAS)
3D Model (OBJ)

Plant Health map (VARI or GLI)


We use the DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise for most of our flight missions.

This commercial drone can map more than 1 square kilometer in one flight.

Combined with DJI  RTK-2 positioning, we can deliver results up to 2 cm accurate and with a GSD of up to 1 cm/pixel.

RTK drones provide a high level of survey-grade accuracy. They demand fewer or almost no ground control points and improve mapping efficiency in different aspects.

Skyview Bonaire -DJI RTK-2 Setup

Volume and distance measurement

Do you need to know how large the volume of a material or a pit is? Or distances between points on your terrain?

The results of a orthophoto can be used to calculate volumes, height,  height differences and distances.
Volume measurement can be done by using specific software, e.g. QGIS or WEBODM.

Skyview Bonaire - aerial 2D & 3D services -3D example

Above is a low resolution 3D model.
You can zoom in by pressing your key in combination with your mouse wheel.

Inspections, Surveillance and Search & Rescue support

The RTK positioning system enables us to hover at a fixed position to make the photo or video you need.
Our high resolution 7x optical zoom lens provides a detailed view.
The accurated GPS location is automatically stored in every photo.

The DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise offers over 40 minutes of flight time per battery. This enables to survey large areas in one flight.
The camera view can be transmitted to a bigger screen or stream for monitoring purposes.

Skyview Bonaire - sample inspection infrastructure
Skyview Bonaire - sample inspection infrastructure
Skyview Bonaire - sample inspection infrastructure
Skyview Bonaire - sample inspection infrastructure

360 degree photography

A 360-degree photo is a panoramic image that surrounds the original point from which the shot was taken.
360-degree photos gives you the feeling being in the shoes of a photographer and looking around to the left, right, up and down as desired.


We can make 360 degree or 180 degree panoramic photos in high resolution, up to 8192 x 4096 pixels.

The original picture goes up to more than 25000 pixels width.

You can either incorporate the picture in your own website or have it hosted.


The 360 degree photo below shows the construction work at the Kaya Grandi.
You can zoom in by moving your mouse wheel.

Want to see more? Watch our collection on this page.

A 360 degree photo is a unique way to show your guests how you are located.
You can have markers with texts, links or documents placed.
The starting point and angle can be set.