Live streaming services

It’s not always possible to show your presentation or event to a live crowd.
However, there’s a way to reach your audience.


Via our live streaming services we can broadcast your event via your YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Vimeo, Zoom and other platforms like Webex and Zoom  in max. FullHD quality.
We use Atem video switching equipment.


Our setups allow up to 8 inputs (cameras, laptops) to live stream your images, videos, a live presentation, an interview etc.

Our cameras are equipped with high range video transmitters, so we can easily cover your match or large event.

Last but not least, we can record your live stream as well.
You can always have the best quality available afterwards.


Do contact us for special setups.

We work closely with Consuelo Memorial Bonaire to live stream memorial services.

Skyview Bonaire - live streaming events

A live stream session with 4 camera’s for TOP.
Sound, TV’s and lights in cooperation with FIT sound rental.


Teleprompter / autocue

Skyview Bonaire - video production services - teleprompter

When you have to tell a long story, we can help you out with our teleprompter.
We project your text onto a mirror. The camera is positioned behind this mirror.


The remote control allows you to adjust the speed yourself.
The only thing you need to do is to save your text lines in a text (.txt) file.

Skyview Bonaire - video production services - live streaming

Do you need multiple camera’s, inputs or do you have special wishes for your live stream?
Do contact us to see if we can help you out.

Wireless video transmission

Skyview Bonaire - live streaming events - wireless video

Do you need video cameras on bigger distances?
All our cameras are equipped with high range FullHD video transmitters.
This enables us to use multiple video cameras on different places on the location,
without having the need to connect them with cables.


Island wide range

We are able to live stream on each location on the island, as long as there’s mobile coverage and a sufficient upload speed.
We use the KLA or Digicel mobile network for our live streaming services.

Skyview Bonaire - video production services - live streaming