Skyview Bonaire

Skyview Bonaire consists of a spontaneous, driven and enthusiastic crew with one goal: to beautifully capture on screen what the customer wants, so that moments can be relived endlessly. We can confidently say that we deliver high-quality images and video through building up extensive knowledge and experience over the years. Furthermore, we use  professional photo and video equipment.

Skyview Bonaire ignores the standard approach and is constantly looking for innovative and new ways to capture things even better and more beautifully.

Marcel is the owner of Skyview Bonaire. We offer a versatile package through our different tins. Within Skyview Bonaire Marcel has a practical and technical view. We share a love for our profession and each others qualities. For bigger events, we work closely with freelance media professionals to make your event succesfull.

Thanks to our versatility and equipment, your crew can offer you a diverse range of photo, video, live streaming and aerial services, tailored to the needs and wishes of the customer. A final advantage is that we are at home in almost all markets within our team and can therefore deliver a total package from start to finish. As a customer, you have everything related to marketing and multimedia in one place.

In addition, we certainly do not hesitate to work with others and we have a wide network in our own field. As a result, employers have repeatedly complimented us for our chemistry within our crew and with customers on location. We are cheerful gang who love our profession and what we do.

To give you a better idea, an introduction from our team members:

Marcel van der Kamp

Marcel has been engaged in photography for 36 years. He has a wide portfolio with images from all over the world. Since 2012 he has been professionally engaged in photography. From 2013 Marcel began to feel more and more for the moving image and put his first love photography aside a little bit. The more he began to delve into the world of video, the more gadgets were bought. As a result, this passion quickly got out of hand and in 2017 Marcel had an arsenal of equipment with which he has made several beautiful productions.
Since 2016, he has made way within his company for passionate young people whom he has taken under his wing as students and where he is transferring his knowledge as a mentor.